FoREMS is our company main product&service. It is the result of our experience and many years of efforts.

FOREMS tools on desktop FoREMS means - Forest Real estate Management System. It is multi user high performance IS, based on relational database packed together with full fledged GIS functions.

FoREMS covers almost all nowadays forest management needs. It is effective forestry tool for management companies, forest owner groups and cooperatives. It is not just software but tool, that creates effective teams of foresters.

The main features list of FoREMS

  • Overall
    • Multi-user and multilingual environment
    • Configurable territorial (district, property) level permissions per user
    • Configurable functional permissions per user
    • Multi-owner. Single company can work on behalf of many owners
    • Inbuilt data filtering per data table and globally on all forms and views
    • Export for tabular and spatial data
    • Reporting
      • Internal - tabular reporting with filtering and export features
      • External - web client, mainly for forest owners to review forest management and forest inventory data
  • Real estate management base functions
    • Real estate register
    • Land cadastral parcel register
      • supports parcel splitting (in case of partial selling) and joining
    • Different land lease agreements registers with agreement templates
    • Scanned document storage per Real estate
    • Purchase offers register
  • Forest management functions
    • forest compartments register (forest inventory data)
      • importing of forest inventory data
      • including forest inventory history with geometry
    • previously planned management activities spatial relinking to new inventory
    • operative planning and management
      • management activities full workflow with documents, works and materials
    • work order management with acceptance documents and invoicing
    • waybill creation and register
    • additional documents register for state institutions
    • any grouping of documents by receiver
    • tactical planning
      • registration forest management activities per compartment for nearest 10-years by inventory data and review on map
      • listing of planned management activities with areas, volumes and costs for this/next year
    • strategical planning
      • web based software used for growth and management activity modeling (currently growth models of Latvia only, based on Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava” growth models)
  • Agriculture functions
    • operative planning and management
      • work orders
      • work acceptance acts
      • invoice register
      • waybills
  • Integration
    • Map views supports outer WMS a.o. services
    • Bookkeeping integration
    • Usable by other software f.ex. qGIS
    • Import SHP vector data/layers (supported by OGR possible)